Your Horoscope For September 2021

This month is best for taking safety measures instead of risks.


Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

September’s astrological weather signifies needing to try your best despite slow progress. It’s not the best month for risk-taking but more suited for taking safety measures and precautions. How it will impact you personally will vary, of course. But generally speaking, the fast-moving planets are in signs that do not support their inherent natures and therefore indicate a sense of struggle. A new moon in Virgo takes place on the 6th and it trines Uranus in Taurus, which can feel exciting and revolutionary. Whatever you begin may not be permanent but it can give you a brave push to get out of your own way.

The earlier struggle mentioned unfolds in a kind of domino effect mid-month, with Venus entering Scorpio on the 10th, Mars entering Libra on the 14th and the Sun also entering Libra on the 22nd. Relating with others can take on a more intense tone. There’s an overall desire to strike at the heart of the matter, especially when the subject at hand brings out past hurts. There is a dominant influence of needing to keep the peace for the sake of diplomacy. But sometimes, that is not possible. So, striking a balance will be the key in conflict situations. The full moon takes place on the 20th, completing whatever began back in March 2021. And finally, Mercury in Libra stations retrograde on the 26th, inviting all of us to take a step back, reassess, review and finish overdue things before starting anything new. Read your horoscopes for personal guidance and care.

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