Four tips for a new cat owner

Make it a happy homecoming for your furry feline with this checklist to ensure a smooth transition.


Photo, Stephen Morris/Stocksy.

New research shows spending time with pets can deliver many of the same perks as hanging with your pals. Think higher self-esteem and more confidence, say researchers at Miami University and Saint Louis University. Another study shows owning a pet improves well-being (in the form of lower blood pressure and cholesterol). But bringing home a new kitten can be challenging — especially if you’re not prepared. Use our checklist below to make sure you start off right.

1. Set aside time to help your kitten adjust to the new surroundings. Show it where you’ve placed the litter box and the water bowl.

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2. Put out scratching posts to save your furniture from eager claws, and have lots of toys to keep Kitty entertained.

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3. Stock up on nutritious meals (think high protein, real meat and easily digestible grains) to keep your new kitten healthy.

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4. Nothing says home sweet home quite like a special bed; after all, your cat can sleep an average of 16 to 18 hours a day.

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