Find the perfect bra with this interesting app

Shy about baring your breasts to a saleswoman? Now there's an app that can help you find the perfect fit from the comfort of your home.


DKNY Signature Lace T-Back Bra

DKNY Signature Lace T-Back Bra

Shopping is fun. Buying a bra, however, is not. The aggravation, discomfort and expense (over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders don’t come cheap) — when it comes to the overall annoyance factor, buying a bra is second only to the uniquely private hell that is buying a new bathing suit.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes — sometimes even the same pair show marked differences — which makes the experience even more tricky, or embarrassing. Private fittings can be effective and even necessary, but the downside is that you have to consent to being repeatedly manhandled by a saleswoman.

However, the creators of a new consumer app intends to change the experience of bra buying for the better, reports Fast Company writer Carey Dunne.

San Francisco-based app designers Heidi Zak and her husband Dave Spector created the ThirdLove app so women can accurately size their own breasts from the privacy of their own home. The app makes it possible for a gal to size her own love-pillows using “two iPhone mirror selfies”. And it does so by using some pretty advanced technology. Engineered in part by a former NASA scientist, the app is able to develop 3D information from the photos and its accuracy is within an eighth of an inch, reports Dunne.

Once the photos are taken, the app calculates the info and you can purchase bras directly through the app or on the ThirdLove website where you can buy the appropriately sized bra. The store is limited, however, to bras designed by Thirdlove.  The good news: the bras are pretty nice and are sold at a markedly reduced price — some as inexpensive as $39.

Here’s hoping Zak and her husband tackle the bathing suit experience next.

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