Cool way to declare your affection

A smooching couple ahead of you in line at the theatre can put you off your popcorn, but this is a PDA we can get behind.

Lovers' lampost in Rome, Feb 13, p26

When in Rome: Local lovers have adorned a lamppost in Italy’s capital. Photo by Eric Vandeville/Getty Images

What: We scoured the globe for a charming way to publicly declare your affection without being that couple. And we think we found it: the love lock.

Why: Whether blossoming or mature, love is a feeling that just makes you want to share. (Even the ancient Romans graffitied the walls of Pompeii with love notes and poetry!)

How: People in cities across Europe, Asia and North America are locking down their love by attaching padlocks to bridges, fences and even lampposts. Just decorate a padlock with the initials of yourself and your loved one, or have them engraved, and find a location. Well-known Canadian spots include the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet, B.C., and the Humber Bridge in Toronto.