Claire's best tips and tricks for BBQ ribs

From classic pork-back ribs to rich Kalbi-style Miami ribs, food director Claire Tansey shows us how to cook some of the world's best ribs!

It was wall-to-wall ribs in the studio for this week’s show. I get so many reader questions about ribs that we decided to do a little story on the different types and how to cook them. We’ve got everything from basic and gooey-good Classic back ribs to dry-rubbed Memphis-style side ribs and, my favourite, Korean kalbi-style beef short ribs. I actually ate all the kalbi offstage after my segment was over. Happy to report they’re even delicious cold! (And that I didn’t get any sauce on my beautiful dress, borrowed from Judith and Charles.)

Since it was a bit of a summer extravaganza, I also made our homemade ketchup. We’ve been trying to nail this recipe (ready in less than 10 minutes) for ages, and at last we figured out the winning formula. And better yet, we came up with some amazing ways to use it, like homemade Ketchup Popcorn. Who knew something so weird could be so good?