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What should you spend on holiday gifts in a new relationship?

If you're dating someone new, the holidays can raise a whole bunch of awkward questions.


If you’re dating someone new, the holidays can raise a whole bunch of awkward questions. Do you take your new squeeze to all your friends’ Christmas parties? Is it time to introduce him or her to your family? And of course the biggest grey zone — should you get your new honey a gift? And if so, how much should you spend? You don’t want to go overboard (hello, desperate!) — but being cheap could disappoint your new love. It’s a lot of pressure at an already emotionally fraught time of year.

If you’re stressing, then a recent survey by could help. According to the dating site, most Canadians think you should only give a new partner a holiday gift if you’ve been dating for at least one or two months, and you shouldn’t spend more than $25 to $50 on it. So if you’ve only been dating three weeks, nix the present.

If you’ve been dating longer, then you need to shell out more. Dating for one to six months? Then spend over $50. For couples dating more than six months or a year then expect to spend $75 to $100…at least!

Here’s a few gift ideas based on how long you’ve been dating:

Less than a month:

For Him: His favourite home-cooked meal, credits to the newest driving range, a home massage with candles and mood music.

For Her: Date for a drive-in movie night and picnic, gourmet chocolate, a gift card for a spa treatment.

One to Six Months:

For Him: Cooking lessons together, a private yoga/pilates class, sexy lingerie — it’s for him anyway!

For Her: Small bottle of her favourite perfume, dance lessons together, theatre or concert tickets and your promise to go with her.

Six months to over a year:

For Him: A personal training session, pre-paid vouchers to his preferred car detailer, tickets to see his favourite sport team.

For Her: “I-Owe-U” coupon book of things you will do for or with her, favourite designer handbag with a sweet love letter inside, diamond stud earrings.

Okay, so that’s what the survey says — what about you?