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Romance on the cheap

If you overspent during the holiday season don't let those December bills kill the romance in your life on Valentine's Day. There are tons of ways to celebrate with your special someone without spending a fortune on diamonds and champagne


Use your words
Instead of a fancy gift, write a special card or letter to your honey that expresses your feelings – a poem or a few heartfelt words from your own pen will trump Hallmark any day.

Cook at home
Valentine’s Day meals out can end up costing you a fortune, not to mention the frustration of trying to get a reservation at your favourite romantic spot. Opt for a special meal at home instead. Even better, cook it together – think oyster shucking over a glass of chilled prosecco (champagne’s cheaper cousin). Serve it up on your best china by candlelight and the scene is set for romance. If you have kids at home, send them off to Grandma’s or put them to bed early.

Mix it
Remember back when mixed tapes were a staple of romantic life? That was before iTunes, of course, but you can still make a playlist for your love to sum up those special moments or memories, in music. Listen to it together while wining, dining and dancing at home.

Go stargazing
The night sky is free! And identifying some of those constellations together can be very romantic.

Window shop
Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s and have your own mock-shopping day. Visit stores you’d like to one day buy your love a special gift – a bit of fantasy can go a long way on the romance front.

Have a movie night at home
Why spend the night in a crowded movie theatre when you can cozy up at home for free? Rent your favourite romantic movies and light some candles – then you and your Valentine can kiss and cuddle in private.