Brad Smith on finding love on The Bachelor Canada

The Canadian football star shares what it was like living with 25 women and how he dealt with the politics

Brad Smith, The Bachelor

Q: What was it like living with 25 women?
A: When you’re thrown into a situation with 25 women and 13 cameras, it’s overwhelming. But then the crew members are also filming a backstory, so they learn more about you than any of the women and become your friends. You feel surprisingly comfortable.

Q: What did you expect when you signed up?
A: I didn’t go in with true love in mind; I was thinking more about finding someone to start the next chapter of my life with. I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment.

Q: How did you deal with the politics?
A: No one is going to like everybody; I understand that. But for me, whatever you’re going to say won’t change my feelings toward another person. Hopefully I’m not a dimwit, and I can see through it on my own.

Q: Did you have to wear makeup?
A: Yeah, while filming. Not a full face, just on my eyebrows. When I get really tanned, my eyebrows turn bleach blond, so they had to pencil them in.

Q: Why do you think reality TV is so popular?
A: Shows like The Bachelor make you feel connected to real people. You go on a journey.

Q: What does your family think? Will they watch?
A: It’ll be interesting for my parents to see not just what they think about me, but what everyone else thinks of me. And they’re going to watch because they’re on it!

Catch Brad Smith, the first Canadian bachelor, on Citytv on Wednesdays at 9:30p.m.