Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia

Jilted again, a lovelorn woman turns to the web.

Never-Google-Heartbreak by Emma Garcia book cover

Viv Summers is the definition of a hopeless romantic. The thirtysomething has fooled herself into believing her handsome fiancé, Rob, is probably ready to commit. After he cancels their wedding for a third time, Viv works up the nerve to leave him — in the hope he’ll come crawling back. One desperate evening, she Googles “heartbreak” and decides the internet needs a place for the lovesick to connect. While she’s focused on launching her new site and obsessing over getting Rob back — even after he gets engaged to someone else — her career and other relationships start falling apart. A sparkling debut from U.K. author Emma Garcia that will have you cheering (and cringing!) for the heroine, through her most ridiculous, hilarious and painfully embarrassing antics.

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