Allison Baggio: Canadian writer profile

Having written freelance for non-profits, she's made the jump into novels

girl in shades

Hometown: Has lived in Saskatoon, Toronto and Peterborough, Ont.; now lives in Whitby, Ont.

Her new book: Girl in Shades, $19. Maya is a highly perceptive 11-year-old: She sees people’s auras and reads their thoughts. But her own stubborn mother, Marigold, is a complete mystery to her. When Marigold passes away from cancer after insisting on spending her final days in a teepee in the backyard, and Maya’s father fades from her life, she’s left alone to uncover her mother’s past — and the truth behind her own unique abilities. An immensely satisfying coming-of-age tale and remarkable first novel.— L.K.G.

Behind the scenes:
Baggio works as a freelance writer for non-profit organizations such as Kids Help Phone, the Alzheimer Society of Canada, and the Toronto General & Western Hospitals.