BBQ guide: Tools of the trade


Complete barbecue guide
Baby your grill, select the tastiest steaks, and get easy grilling recipes

By Jennifer Danter
First published in Chatelaine’s June 2003 issue.
© Rogers Publishing Ltd.

Tools of the trade

Now that you’re all fired up, here are some barbecue must-haves to ensure safe and successful grilling.

Tool How it helps
Wide metal spatulas Good for turning burgers and fish
Long-handled tongs Handy for turning chicken, pork and lamb chops, steaks and veggies
Grill basket Perfect for grilling cut veggies and shrimp
Instant read thermometer A necessity for checking doneness of burgers and large roasts (both must be cooked to 160F/70C)
Sturdy brush Essential for basting and brushing on marinades and sauces
Long mitts and apron Vital for reaching over a hot grill and protection from saucy splashes
Water spritz-bottle Ideal for putting out sudden flare-ups
Chimney starter No-fail solution for firing up charcoal barbecues

  • Intro
  Spring cleaning
  • Choosing a new grill
  • Tools of the trade
  • Supermarket vs. butcher steaks
  • Steak cuts
  • 5 easy grilling recipes
  • Get grilling! cooking tips
  • Salad days
  • 65 barbecue classics
  • Light grilled dinner
  • Weekend grilling menu
  • Casual backyard sipping
  • Choose barbecue as your cooking method in our Recipe File
  • Swap grilling tips with others in our Food + recipes forum

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