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In the wake of the Second World War, thousands of British women moved to Canada to be with the soldiers they loved. Sixty years later, they took a journey to the pier where their new lives began. Scroll through our photo gallery and read some of their touching stories.

This past November, Canada celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the war brides’ arrival by going back to Halifax’s Pier 21, where they first set foot on Canadian soil to begin their second lives. Scroll through our photo gallery to see snapshots of that momentous journey and read on for just a few of their amazing stories. var titles = new Array(“”,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””); var descriptions = new Array(“T. Brent Schaus is war bride Doreen Tilley Robinson’s grandson. He wanted to surprise his grandmother at the Montreal station before her departure to Halifax’s Pier 21.”, “Jacqueline Gendron, 82, thinks about her first journey to Canada as the train makes its way to Halifax.”, “Many war brides travelled with their husbands to Pier 21 after over 60 years of marriage.”, “Yvonne Leahy (left), 80, and Peggie Bailey, 80, both came to Canada from London, England and currently live in Peterborough, ON.”, “Agnes Gallie, 84, stands in her train bedroom on the way to Halifax. She arrived from Northeast Scotland and currently lives in Salmo, BC.”, “The war brides arrive at the Halifax train station on November 7, 2006.”, “A big parade welcomes the women off the train at the Halifax station.”, “The welcoming parade continues.”, “Elsie Mills (left), 84, kisses her daughter Betty Hutchinson, 60, at the Halifax train station. They currently live in Glencoe, ON.”, “Some old photographs were displayed at the Pier 21 Museum.”, “Joan and Paul Dumaine renew their vows after 61 years of marriage at Pier 21 in Halifax.”, “Muriel Andrews and Andy Andrews renewed their vows after 61 years of marriage.”, “A photograph of Joan and Paul Dumaine, taken 60 years ago.”, “War bride Joyce Taylor laughs at husband Walter Taylor.”, “Alma Macdonald and her husband look out the window at the Halifax train station.”, “Margaret Weaver, holding the citizenship documents she received when she landed in Canada, talks of her journey.”, “Alma Macdonald, wearing one of the three dresses she brought with her to Canada from England, talks with Canadian naval officers.”, “Jeannette Holm, 81, hugs friends before her departure in Halifax. Originally from Sussex, UK, she currently lives in Brandon, Manitoba.”, “A gala dinner took place during the last night of the trip to commemorate the war bride’s 60th anniversary.”); image0 = new Image(); image0.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_01.jpg”; image1 = new Image(); image1.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_02.jpg”; image2 = new Image(); image2.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_03.jpg”; image3 = new Image(); image3.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_04.jpg”; image4 = new Image(); image4.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_05.jpg”; image5 = new Image(); image5.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_06.jpg”; image6 = new Image(); image6.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_07.jpg”; image7 = new Image(); image7.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_08.jpg”; image8 = new Image(); image8.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_09.jpg”; image9 = new Image(); image9.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_10.jpg”; image10 = new Image(); image10.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_11.jpg”; image11 = new Image(); image11.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_12.jpg”; image12 = new Image(); image12.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_13.jpg”; image13 = new Image(); image13.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_14.jpg”; image14 = new Image(); image14.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_15.jpg”; image15 = new Image(); image15.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_16.jpg”; image16 = new Image(); image16.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_17.jpg”; image17 = new Image(); image17.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_18.jpg”; image18 = new Image(); image18.src = “/english/images/issue/2007/02/20061108_085318_5244_19.jpg”; function changeSlide(di){ var val = (document.holdingTank.placement.value)*1; if(di==”up”) val++; else val–; if(val(titles.length-1)) val=0; document.getElementById(“desc”).innerHTML = descriptions[val]; document.getElementById(“slideof”).innerHTML = ” “+(val+1)+” of 19″; document.getElementById(“productImage”).src = eval(“image”+val+”.src”); document.holdingTank.placement.value = val; }