Arrange your room

Find out how new furniture will look in your home – before you buy it – with our decor editor's pick of the month

It has happened to us all: buying a new piece of furniture only to find it won’t get through the front, back or even side door. So, before you shell out for a sectional (when you only have room for a loveseat), try Lay-It-Out, life-size paper templates of furniture and rugs that will help you figure out what will fit in your space.

Homeowner Jami Taff of Washington, D.C. came up with the idea when she needed to size up a new sofa for her family room. Each template comes with handy measurements in centimetres and inches, so you can fold them to the exact size of the sofa or chair of your dreams. Lay-It-Out, $15 US per template, plus shipping.