25 ways to spread holiday cheer

We've come up with ideas to pay it forward and Chatelaine staff are excited to do a good deed a day starting in December!

Christmas ornament with December calendar


With Christmas less than two months away, we’re already starting to think about prezzies, treats and, of course, the holiday spirit. At Chatelaine, we feel pretty lucky to work with a positive and supportive team who do charitable acts all-year-round. And the word “charitable” does not only mean volunteer work or money donations, but encompasses all random acts of kindness — it’s amazing how a small gesture can really go a long way in improving another person’s well-being!

So this December, Chatelaine staff are excited to pay it forward with these 25 ways to spread holiday cheer. We’ll be posting our good-deed photos on Facebook and Twitter from December 1st to Christmas and we hope you’ll join in on the fun! (Post your pay-it-forward photos on Facebook and Twitter and tag @chatelainemag so that we can see them!)

Here’s our 25 to-do list:

1. Give someone a bus token
2. Donate food items to a food bank
3. Make cupcakes for a women’s shelter
4. Pick 5 friends on Facebook and post something nice about them on their wall
5. Donate blood
6. Buy a stranger their morning coffee
7. Create a care package and send to a Canadian Forces Member
8. Help shovel snow for an elderly neighbor OR if there’s no snow, offer to buy groceries for them so they don’t have to go out into the cold
9. Leave an inspiring book on the seat of a train, bus or on a park bench for someone to read. Write a nice message to the next reader on the cover.
10. Ask your friends and family to donate $5 to a charity of your choice
11. Buy flowers and give it to a nurse at a hospital
12. Drop off muffins or cupcakes to a fire station
13. Promote a charitable organization on your Twitter account
14. Give someone a hug
15. Become pen pals with someone who needs a chat (i.e. person suffering from depression, a lonely person, a refugee)
16. Donate your old winter clothes to charity
17. Donate your old cell phones (The Canadian Hearing Society,,
18. Pick a random name from the phone book and mail them a Christmas card (Bonus: Include a coffee card!)
19. Surprise a friend with dinner at their door
20. Compliment three people today
21. Bake some cookies and share with your co-workers
22. Contact an animal shelter and find out how you can help
23. Surprise your neighbour with baked treats
24. Donate toys and stuffed animals to a hospital for kids
25. Go into a convenience store or gas station and give the clerk a present