Kind Cycle

Robyn set up monthly donations online

Find out why Robyn and her boyfriend decided to set up regular Red Cross donations

Charity donation #kindcycle

Robyn’s Red Cross charity donation

Who are you: Robyn Shanks, Online Health Editor, and my boyfriend Kelly McInnes

What was your kindness deed: I encouraged my family to donate money to charity and Kelly and I donated money to the Red Cross.

Why did you want to do this: So often we spend money on daily indulgences like coffee or new clothes but rarely do we do something meaningful with that money. If I’ll pay for dinner at least once a week and not think twice about it, why not do the same to help someone in need?

How did it make you feel: It felt great. I also sort of felt terrible that I don’t donate more often so we set up regular monthly donations that will ensure we’re making ongoing contributions. The fact that we could help someone from our own couch means there’s no excuse for people not to get involved!


Kelly McInness donating money to Red Cross

Kelly McInnes donating money to Red Cross

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