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Trend alert! Decorate with velvet

Soft and luxurious, you won't be able to resist running over these accessories again and again.

Living Room velvet sofa ottoman thorwo pillows mossy green marine blue

Photo, Sian Richards. Prop styling, Jennifer Evans.

Soft, luxurious and sophisticated, velvet is the latest big thing in upholstered furniture. When decorating with this sumptuous fabric, don’t hold back — layer it up! Pull a velvet ottoman up to a lush sofa covered in plain and patterned velvet throw pillows. Look for pieces in dark saturated colours like rich marine blue, burnt gold and mossy green. You won’t be able to resist running your hands over them again and again.

Sofa, $2,250, side table, $895, Up Country. Rug, $2,225, ottoman, $279, pillows, $129–$395, coffee table, $735, bowl, $495, vase, $85, Elte.