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There's talent all around

I'm constantly amazed at the talent of the people around me: Take a look at some of what my co-workers and family have been up to.

Virginie Martocq

The other day one of our web editors very proudly showed me this photo of the pot-scrubber wreaths she and her friends made that we showcased in the December issue of Chatelaine.


Though she swears she and her friends are not at all crafty, she (and I) were so amazed at the results- these are great! According to her, the hardest part was finding the wreath forms!

Then, my son came home from kindergarten with the project he had made in class with his teacher. My jaw literally hit the floor- they had made wreaths! Seems it’s a family thing- what with me making wreaths since August and all! Check out this beautiful pine cone version:


Lastly, (and this is not wreath-related!), our kitchen intern Miranda came to the office on her last day with these stunning aprons that she had custom made for the kitchen crew. Miranda (third from the left) has a food blog called Little Piggy, hence the cute little pigs on the bottom corners of the aprons.


Am I surrounded by specially talented people? Or is it just that more and more people are having fun and taking risks making things? I’m convinced everyone has a creative being inside of them waiting to get out, they just need a little coaxing!

 PS: I’m on Canada AM again tomorrow morning, 8:45, with cute holiday table setting crafts. Check it out if you can!