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The perfect summer blanket

Summer switch-ups are taking shape all around the home, and we've recently learned of an artisan who is creating spectacular blankets that are the perfect replacement for your winter duvet (and so much more).

Jeanette Farrier, Kantha blanket

Kantha blanket by Jeanette Farrier at Hollace Cluny

Jeanette Farrier

Quilts by Jeanette Farrier

Whether you’re swapping your indoor tableware for outdoor-friendly plates and glasses, or you’re eagerly switching your wintery dark-coloured throw cushions for summer brights, there’s one item I personally love to change the most when warmer weather draws near – my bedding.

I was recently out sourcing the marketplace and decided to pop into Hollace Cluny, an exceptional home boutique in midtown Toronto. I was immediately struck by the beauty and brilliance of their kantha blankets, created by esteemed designer Jeanette Farrier. ‘Kantha’ literally means, “quilt of recycled cotton rag” and is associated with rural woman of the Bengal region in India. The quilts are handmade of discarded saris, joined together by a simple running stitch. They are traditionally used as blankets or light wraps – perfect for cottage nights by the bonfire, or long nights on a city patio.

The great thing about these artistic blankets is that they can be used in so many ways. They are sensationally versatile and can be draped over your railing or sofa, hung on the wall, used to decorate your tabletop, thrown over your shoulders, and of course, to dress your bed. However you decide to refresh your home for the warmer season, consider getting a lighter, breezier blanket for your bed that can come in handy for many occasions. 

For more information on Jeanette Farrier’s kantha blankets visit Hollacecluny.ca.