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How To Create A Functional Living/Dining Room In A Teeny Tiny Space — For Under $300

What do you do if you own a cat and live in a condo? We've got the Ikea hack for you.

This week, in our video series The Home Primp, we set out to transform a cramped, uninspiring and teeny tiny open-concept condo living/dining room area.

The challenge: This couple just wasn’t using their space effectively (and at under 500 square feet, we don’t blame them). Their dining table didn’t fit, and there was no separation between the dining and living rooms. Probably the biggest dilemma was that the cat’s litter box was right in the corner of their dining room — so they didn’t really want to eat there.

Condo before

How we primped it: Enter a genius Ikea hack to hide the litter box, a major rearrangement of the furniture and a new pendant light to completely overhaul the space’s feel.

Condo after

How much we spent: $268 (Styling items such as the vase not included in the total).

Watch the full transformation above.

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