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How to style and make your own planter using a dormant orchid

Weekend project: Combine succulents, great-smelling citrus, and a splash of colour to keep your orchid looking lively, even when it's not in bloom.

Landscaper and TV personality Carson Arthur shows us how to reuse your non-flowering orchid plants to create a beautiful new arrangement. Head to your nearest nursery to find the perfect mix of greens, aromatic shrubs, and just the right dash of colour.

Start with a citrus plant, like a small lemon or orange tree. (They’ll keep your home smelling fresh.) Your dormant orchid and maybe some trendy succulents will provide some textured greenery. Next, add a whimsical element like a pineapple plant and choose something with a splash of colour, like gerbera daisies and elephant ears.

Group them in a planter to pull it all together and keep your orchid company.

Expert tip: Orchids don’t live in soil. Keep your orchid planted in a small plastic cup of mulch and moss, but embed it in the soil of the planter among its soil-growing companions. And remember — mist, don’t drown.

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