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Ikea Is Now Giving Store Credit For Used Furniture. Here’s How It Works

With the new Ikea Canada sell-back program, the retailer will take gently used old Ikea furniture — and you'll be able to save by purchasing secondhand.

If you’ve been eyeing a new oak Mörbylånga table from Ikea, but feel guilty about tossing your old Ikea table, the Swedish retailer has a new solution for you. Members of Ikea’s little-known (but free!) Ikea Family loyalty program can exchange gently used Ikea furniture for store credit at the company’s 14 stores across Canada.

It’s part of Ikea’s new sustainability commitments, which include using more renewable and recyclable materials in production, as well as making it easier for customers to care for their furniture and give it a second life. According to Ikea Canada public relations manager Kristin Newbigging, Ikea has seen “1,000 submissions within the first week of sell-back.” Here’s how it works.

What is Ikea Family?

Ikea Family is Ikea’s somewhat under-the-radar loyalty program. You have to sign up in order to participate in the sell-back program, but it’s free. (If you do, you also get discounts on selected products every month, and will be eligible for free coffee or tea whenever you go shopping. Plus, families get extra time at Småland, Ikea’s free play area where parents can drop their kids off for an hour.
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How does the Ikea sell-back program work?

The program is based on an application system. Snap four or more photos of the furniture you want to get rid of, and send it to your selected store. Allow up to 72 hours for an assessment. If you’re okay with the sell-back price, you can drop off the item to snag store credit (in the form of a gift card), which will work for both in-store and online purchases. You’ll get between 20 and 50 per cent of the original item price. Make sure to bring your Ikea Family card and proof of your email offer (you can show it directly on your phone or print it out). Currently, you have to drive the furniture to the store yourself, and the furniture must be fully assembled — whether you bring it in one piece or choose to re-assemble it in store.

Which items are eligible for return?

You can return most furniture — dressers, cabinets, drawers, sideboards, show storage, bookcases and shelf units, tables and desks, chairs and stools, and multimedia furniture — even if it hasn’t been in stock for years. You cannot, however, return outdoor furniture, sofas, armchairs, baby and children’s furniture, mattresses, anything with glass, oversized pieces, or any cooking and eating items (although Ikea has indicated they may accept a wider range of products in the future). Furniture must also be clearly identifiable as an Ikea product, whether via a tag, article number, or an “Ikea of Sweden” stamp on the item.

Which stores are participating?

All 14 stores in Canada are participating. (The five pick-up and order points, however, are not.)

What happens to the furniture that Ikea takes back?

If you’re familiar with the store, you’ll know about the “as is” section near the checkout, where customers can peruse slightly damaged merchandise and other final sale products. Used furniture will also go there for resale, so next time you go furniture shopping — try hitting up the “as is” section before you look for something new.

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