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Three ways to organize a bookshelf

Decorating ideas to clear the clutter and create a stylish book display.

A bookshelf can be one of the most interesting displays in a home. Styled well, it can serve as an impressive and eye-catching focal point. Left untended, however, and it can look cluttered and be distracting. To make better use of the bookshelves in your home, here are three ways to style them.

1. Colour-blocked

Group books by colour and arrange them into small blocks to create an organized, rainbow effect. If you find you don’t have enough of one particular colour, cover one or two books in pretty wrapping paper or mix in a few neutral whites. You’ll be surprised how dramatic and transformative this easy design is.

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Roberto Caruso

2. Covered in paper

Perfect for spaces that need more order such as an office space. Covering books in plain brown or white kraft paper will create a uniform appearance. Write the titles on the spines of each covered book with your fanciest script or just print titles neatly on white sticker labels.


India Hicks

3. Vignettes

Create small groups of books and interesting objects. Get creative about what to incorporate: small statues or trinkets, framed art, photographs, potted plants or anything that appeals to you. Tip: Be sure to stack books both vertically and horizontally for a more dynamic display.


Lili Diallo