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Home decor tips from interior designer Brad Ford

The design expert shares his secrets for staying organized, his must-have piece for his home, and biggest decorating mistake people make

Brad Ford

The Interior Design Show opens on January 26 (and runs to the 29th) and in anticipation of what is known as Canada’s largest contemporary design fair, we spoke to some of the top talent in home decor about what inspires them, their best tips and the hottest trends to look out for this year.

Q: What’s the one must-have for your home this year?
A: I really want something designed by Carl Aubock. Whether it’s a floor lamp, a bottle opener or bookends. I love his work and I think he should be more celebrated.

Q: What’s the easiest way to make a big statement in your home?
A: Painting and lighting. Painting can be relatively inexpensive and easy to change. Experiment with bold color even if it’s only on one accent wall. Lighting is also a great way to set the mood. I always like several lamps in a room, but make sure they’re all on the same dimmer or have the same type of bulb that has a low wattage. It can instantly make a space feel warm and inviting.

Q: What are your secrets for staying organized?

A: Lots of storage and plenty of bookshelves. Also, make sure you edit or throw things away. There’s nothing worse than visual clutter. I know from experience it will end up cluttering your mind and make you feel totally out of allignment.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake people make?

A: Too many layers. People need to learn when to stop. Some of the best spaces have very little in them, but what they do have can often times tell quite a story. I always say you can make just as strong a statement by whispering as you can shouting.