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DIY project perfect for Family Day

I've discovered resin, and my life is forever changed! Find out the cool things you and your kids can make.

I was browsing  the aisles of Curry’s art store here in Toronto when lighting struck. Yes, that’s right, some people browse through Holt Renfrew’s wares, some Whole Foods, but give me a good big box store or a well-stocked art supply shop and I positively swoon. Anyway, I came across a rather non-descript box of something called Pour On High Gloss Finish. 

Intrigued, I picked up the box only to realize that this is the amazing thick glossy, glassy coating goop that artists sometimes use to give their works that sensuous sexy finish. OMG, the possibilities! First thought was to try my hand at a decoupage project on a little dollar store tray.



I think the end result is cute- what do you think? This would be a fun project with kids- get them to tear out magazine images, or sort through family photos to create a collage on the top of a wooden box, or on the inside of a tray. Then seal with white glue (according to package instructions), mix the two part resin together (again, be careful with this and follow instructions), pour it on and let it set (this is the adult part of the craft). A little trick I picked up- if you’re making a tray and want to avoid dust gathering on the top, cover it with GLAD Press’n Seal to keep it glassy smooth. Give it a day or two to cure properly and you’ve got a custom made tray.

I’ll definitely keep working at this and may post some more photos from a crafty weekend with the kids.