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5 ingenious ways to display (and organize) your books

Books are meant to be on display, so why not have a little fun? Here's five creative ways to make sure your tomes are always the stars of the show.

1. Add some art
Nail small framed art to the inside and outside of your bookcase to turn your reading nook into an attention-grabbing display.

bookshelf 0001

Photo, Donna Griffith.

2. Stack ’em
Use a book tower outside a kids’ room to keep all of their reads on exhibit. Not only does it act as a great decor piece, but it keeps things organized and within easy reach.

Book tower Roberto Caruso

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Get the look:


$191, Lowe’s Canada

3. Colour code 
Your room will come to life when your books are grouped by colour. Follow the rules of the rainbow, or mix up the order entirely. If you have lots of books that are the same colour, make small groups of the same hue and place on different shelves to keep it balanced.

Colour code

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

4. Corral into crates
Why not show off all your large-scale coffee table gems at once? A few Ikea crates are all you need for a DIY shelf. Paint them, or leave them as is.

Crates Roberto Caruso

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

5. Hide the spines. 
Cut down on visual clutter by displaying your books backwards for a clean, minimal look. If you can’t bear the idea of turning your beloved books around, use some flea market finds to try it out on one shelf.

Bookcase Rob Caruso

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

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