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Designer trick! How to make a gorgeous baseboard

Are you paying attention, because I'm about to divulge some serious decorating secrets. And it's all about faking it.

photo: Roberto Caruso

Are you paying attention, because I’m about to divulge some serious decorating secrets. And it’s all about faking it. That’s right, I swoon over 12″ baseboards in historical homes, but really, who can afford their hefty price tag? So here’s my way of getting the look at a fraction of the price.

Start with a standard 6 1/2″ baseboard. This one (first image) is from Home Depot and costs less than $2 per linear foot.

If you’re going for a little height, add a 1 3/4″ panel moulding (sometimes called chair rail moulding).  This one (second image) is about $1.50 per foot. You’ve now got a 8 1/4″ highly profiled baseboard.

Felling a little bolder? Try placing it an inch or so above the first baseboard, and painting the baseboard, section of wall and top moulding the same trim colour. You’ve now (third image) got a baseboard that’s almost 10″ tall. Not only is it really difficult to find trim that’s taller than 8″ at standard big box stores, if you do find one at a premium lumber store, you can bet it’ll set you back more than $3.50 per foot.

There you go, a little trick for a cold Thursday.