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Decorating tips: Five ways to add warmth to your home

Here are a few quick ways to create your own sanctuary that will feel cozy even on the chilliest of days

bedroom, layer, texture, home decor, design

Add layers and patterns (Photo by Roberto Caruso)

home decor, living room, warm colours, orange, red

Add warm colours (Photo by Roberto Caruso)

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Add texture (Photo by James Tse)

As the season brings shorter days and colder temperatures, we find ourselves rushing home more quickly to the comfort and warmth of our abode. Here are a few quick ways to create your own sanctuary that will feel cozy even on the chilliest of days:

1. Soft lighting
Leave the harsh fluorescent and overhead lights at the office and create an inviting glow at home using short table lamps and a dimmer for overhead lights. (Bonus: this will save energy and your hydro bill too.) For extra ambiance, use candles or a natural fireplace for the ultimate glow.

2. Warm colours
Colour can be a powerful tool in creating atmosphere. Warmer tones like pink, orange and red, automatically generate a bit of heat. Use them on an accent wall to add warmth to a whole room, or decorate the room with a few warm-coloured accessories.

3. Go for gold!
As with all metallics, gold can easily be incorporated into any colour scheme. It complements bright colours, soft neutrals and rustic natural schemes, equally well. Bonus: this instantly adds a bit of a festive touch as we enter the holiday season.

4. Textures
Use soft, plush textures to create a cozy atmosphere so inviting you’ll want to kick off your boots and dive right in. Fabrics like velvet and wool inherently have a natural warmth that will feel down-right luxurious on a cold day. Throw a sheepskin over a simple wool chair to instantly transform it from cold and austere to warm and comfortable.

5. Add layers
Forget prim and proper, layer multiple textures and patterns together to create a cozy environment you can indulge in. Add a few extra pillows in plush fabric on a sofa, or layer a warm oriental rug on the floor or on top of your existing carpeting for added decadence.