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A tiny bathroom makeover

My buddy recently bought her first house and inherited a substandard bathroom. Many many, many coats of paint later, here are the stunning results!

It’s a funny thing being a home editor- people get excessively shy about having me in their houses, as if I’m always looking with a critical eye. Truth is, I’m easily impressed. Especially when someone puts their heart and soul into a project, makes many mistakes (little known secret: Even pros make mistakes on paint colour and furniture choices), and ends up nailing the results!

That’s the case for my friend who recently tackled a tricky makeover in a very, very tiny bathroom. It was a dream in the sense that she didn’t have to move plumbing or electrical: It was essentially a decorating project. You should know that my friend is not a professional decorator, so she was not shy to admit to me that she re-painted that bathroom no less than three times, and struggled painfully through trying to find the perfect little vanity that would be rustic, warm and stylish, and would fit the narrow space. Finding a sink to go on top was no less difficult, but take a look at the before and after shots and I think you’ll agree, she got this just right. Way to go buddy!

 Here’s the bathroom before:


And here it is after:


She chose a rough cabinet as the base for the vanity and topped it with a modern, rectangular sink and waterfall faucet.

A large mirror across the entire wall opens up the space beautifully and gives the whole room an airy, modern quality.

Simple graphic drapes hang across the shower, letting much needed light into the little room while softening the look at the same time.

You can’t see it here, but she had the bathroom door put onto a sliding barn track to gain extra room in the bathroom.

Here’s a cute detail of the faucet she chose- you can see the way the door slides open in the back.


See, you don’t need to be a pro to get amazing results!