5 Things To Do When You Have The Night To Yourself

No Friday night plans? No problem—staying at home is the new going out.

The internet is ripe with memes celebrating the joys of cancelled plans and opting for nights in to Netflix-and-chill in your comfiest sweats. Brands like the Stay Home Club are a thing and there’s no shortage of social pages like Huffpost’s Canceled Plans, a community for introverts and those who just want to stay home. These movements aren’t surprising considering that more people are living alone than ever, with 28 per cent of Canadian households comprised of one-person living arrangements, according to Statistics Canada.

With the upsurge in single-person dwellings, the wellness and self-care trends, and the convenience of everything you could want just a click away, it’s no wonder staying in alone is on the rise. And honestly, we are here for it.

Staying home isn’t about laziness: It’s about living your best life from the comforts of your own home, putting yourself first and giving yourself the space to recharge. Here, some of our favourite ways to make a night at home productive and restorative.

1. Wind down for the night with some yoga and meditation

After a long week, treat your mind and body to the ultimate mental detox. Research has found that meditation can actually change your brain and its response to stress. Even a few minutes a day can help improve mindfulness and focus while reducing anxiety and depression. Yoga boasts similar benefits: It’s proven to help lower stress and anxiety, increase muscle strength and endurance, and even lessen cardiovascular risk factors.

Looking for guided meditation? Try apps like Headspace or Calm. If you want a little yoga in your life, look to Down Dog, Yoga Studio or popular YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene for energizing yoga classes that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

 2. Whip up some healthy snacks

Set yourself up with healthy homemade treats to munch on throughout the night. These flavourful Za’atar crackers pack a punch and are perfect when paired with Sabra Hummus. For a well-balanced spread, serve the crackers with some veggies like carrots and cucumber, plus these super simple slow-roasted tomatoes, and your favourite flavour of Sabra Hummus to dip.

3. Indulge in a DIY at-home spa

You don’t need to drop hundreds for an amazing spa experience—save your cash and enjoy the soothing ritual of performing spa treatments yourself instead. Start by turning your space into a calming oasis. Dim the lights, fill a diffuser with your favourite essential oils, light some candles and play relaxing background music. Draw a warm bath and let all your stress soak away. This is a great time to use a fortifying hair mask to restore dry, damaged hair.

Now, onto the simplest way to feel like you have your life together: A good skincare routine. At-home facials are easier than you think, and the results can be seriously impressive. Start by removing all your makeup and thoroughly cleansing your skin. Then, gently exfoliate with a facial scrub or chemical exfoliator. Throw on a hydrating sheet mask geared towards your skin type and finish by massaging your face with a quality moisturizer to seal in all those product benefits. Ta-da! You woke up like this.

4. Marie Kondo your home

A quiet night in is the perfect occasion to tap into your inner Marie Kondo. Carve out some time to make your home a stress-free, clutter-free sanctuary and you’ll be happy never going out again. It can seem daunting, but there are a few easy takeaways you can apply to your home right now, especially if you follow Kondo’s advice and organize by category instead of by room. Start by sorting through your clothes, only keeping the things that spark real joy. This will take some time, but it’s worth it. Maximize your drawer space by storing garments the Marie Kondo way: fold each item in thirds and stand them vertically, rather than stacking them. Doing this will help you find your clothes way easier, too.

 5. Kick back with a movie marathon

Let’s be honest—the real reason we’re hibernating all weekend long is to binge our favourite flicks and TV shows. Not sure what to watch? We’ve got you covered with recommendations for every mood.

Itching for some adventure? The Highwaymen

For some #friendshipgoals: Bridesmaids 

If you need a feel-good flick: Eighth Grade

For laugh-out-loud entertainment: Amy Schumer Growing

A brand new rom-com: The Perfect Date

If you’re feeling nostalgic: The Princess Bride

A coming-of-age original: Dumplin’

BONUS shows

If you’re looking for hardcore life inspiration: Queer Eye Season 3

For a hilarious (and award-winning) female lead: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Now that’s a night well spent! Test out some of these ways to enjoy a chill Friday at home and you’ll be joining the No Plans Fan Club in a jiffy.




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