The little things that make moms the happiest

We asked our readers to share with us the little things that put a smile on their faces as a mother. Read on for their responses.

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As a mom, I find happiness in different parts of my day. Sometimes it’s waking up to discover my four-year-old son has crawled into our bed and is snoozing away tucked in between my husband and I. Other times it’s reading my seven-year-old daughter her favourite Ivy & Bean series of books, while she sits on my back — that’s right — and braids my hair.

What about you fellow mamas? What puts a smile on your face? I asked around, and many of you shared with me what makes you happy. And while there are many things your children do you love, some mothers also said that time alone to recharge, and come back a better mom, made them feel good.

Here’s a sampling of what you shared:

What I love most about being a mother (to a 3-year-old) is watching my daughter discover the world and her absolute awe in things I take for granted. This weekend I taught her how to blow the seeds from a dandelion clock and now she runs and picks them and tries to blow them herself, proclaiming, “Oh noooooo!” when all of the seeds are gone. She makes me look at my surroundings with fresh eyes and laugh constantly at her absurdist take on life. -Antonia Whyatt, features director

Seeing my boys grow into the fine young men they are today, with their moral compasses still intact. -Carolyn Chua, associate food editor, Chatelaine (and mom of three boys, 30, 28 and 25)

Watching their characters form and seeing them make wise choices in life with a focus on helping others. -Judy Kirwin, media services coordinator, Chatelaine

Happiness is me time. Time to read a book, take a nap, watch a show or movie of my choice. Dinner with my girlfriends, watching my kids play happily together, watching Game of Thrones or Mad Men with my husband and then dissecting afterwards. The feeling after my run, eating healthy, and of course, shopping! -Amreen Omar

Reflecting on the unexpected, magical moments experienced with my son and daughter. A tight hug, a sweet word, a silly laugh, which makes my everyday extraordinary. -Tara Tucker, publisher, Chatelaine

Seeing sheer joy on my kids’ faces when they master something; watching them grow up together and love each other. -@fabfrugalmama

Watching my son experience things for the first time: trying to “eat” wind, splashing water in the bathtub and trying to eat it. -Heather Zimmer

What makes me the happiest is when we’re doing something simple like going to a new park and my daughter looks at me with the biggest smile and so much joy in her eyes. Then she’ll tell me that this is the BEST park or day ever! It’s so simple but it’s also a good reminder for me to slow down and enjoy the moment. I usually ride that happiness feeling for quite a while. -Christina Mahaffey-Panettiere

Homemade cards made by small hands. Preferably with crayon and glitter glue. McDonald’s breakfast in bed. An hour on the front porch alone. All alone. Gardening time. Hand made gift certificates. An unstructured, do nothing, go nowhere day. -Karin Smith

What brings you happiness as a mom?