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Spice it up tonight: Play inside

Lock the door and draw the shades—it's time to enjoy the great indoors

No plans tonight? Perfect. Lock the door and draw the shades and imagine all the sin you and your sweetie and can get up to by staying in. There’s something luxurious and sexy about ignoring the rest of world and focusing on each other, so why not surprise your spouse with a play-inside evening guaranteed to keep the home fires blazing.

Good clean fun

Nothing washes away worldly distractions like a bath, so why not create your own soap-opera romance by transforming your bathroom into a spa oasis for two. “It doesn’t have to be elaborate,” says Mitzy Mak, spa general manager at Concepts Day Spa in Toronto. Mak recommends adding simple touches to your bathroom to feed the senses: “Dim the lights, light aromatic candles, add some essential oils to your bathwater and play some soothing music.”

To keep awash in steamy romance, Mak suggests experimenting with a body polish or giving each other’s tootsies some tender attention, “Try bringing a pedicure file into the tub-not only will it smooth the heels but it will also stimulate nerves in the feet.”

Want to make sure your spa for two isn’t a washout? “Half an hour is the maximum amount of time you should spend in the tub,” says Mak. “Any longer and you’ll start to prune and risk becoming sleepy.”

Pillow talk

Believe it or not, an Arabian Nights love nest is as close as your living room. Just toss the couch cushions on the floor, drag the duvet off the bed and light every candle you own. “Creating a romantic feel can be as easy as lowering the lights or picking up pink light bulbs for a romantic glow that gives skin a flattering just-kissed hue,” says Arren Williams, Chatelaine decor editor. Williams also suggests keeping in mind the tactility of fabrics: “The more soft and sumptuous the fabrics, the more sensuous the space.” Williams’ romantic mood setting secret? “Pop into your florist on the way home from work and ask for roses that have all but lost their bloom. These discount dandies offer ample petals to sprinkle from the door to your pillowed perch and are a pure passion wow factor.”

The art of love

Looking for a way to express your model love? Try stealing a page from Leo and Kate’s Titanic love scene by playing life model and artist. Grab pencils and pads from around the house and dare to see each other in a whole new light by sketching one another in the buff. A-muse-ing? Definitely. Simmering with sexiness? You betcha. Even if the sketches turn out to be nothing more than abstracts, who knows what other creative inspiration they may arouse.