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How your smartphone may be killing your sex life

According to a recent survey, more than 60 percent of respondents said they've spent more time texting and web surfing than being intimate with their partner.

Couple in bed together

Photo, Masterfile.

Smartphones are wonderful, handy lifesavers when you’re trying to locate your beloved in the modern-day labyrinth that is the grocery store — ‘what aisle are you in, sweetheart?’ But in the bedroom they’re not so useful. In fact, a recent survey by condom company Durex (via suggests that the ubiquity of wireless is negatively affecting our sexual relationships.

Of the more than 2,000 people surveyed, 33 percent said technology has interfered with their sex life. This interference comes in many forms. For example, more than half (60 percent) said they’ve probably spent more time surfing the Internet or texting or doing whatever we do on our phones (online window-shopping!) than they have paying intimate attention to their partner.

If you’re involved with a man who considers his phone something like a third arm then you know how darkly depressing this kind of neglect feels.

It gets worse.

Another 30 percent said that their partner has been distracted by their smartphone in bed. Even more troubling, 15 percent admitted that they would check a text or answer a call during the act of love.

Has our lust for 24/7 technology surpassed our desire for sex? Not entirely. But the survey suggests that it’s made a nasty little dent and that for many of us the thrill of receiving a text or bbm or email is comparable to the thrill of our partner’s touch.

Rescuing our love lives from technology’s siren song may come down to old fashioned discipline. Turn off your phone after 9 p.m. and concentrate on turning your partner on. In the end, the rewards are greater than the sacrifice you’re making.