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Ashley Madison's new ads reveal 3 truths about cheaters

The TV spots, part of a branding overhaul, encourage would-be adulterers to "find their moment."

Online infidelity conduit Ashley Madison has never exactly wanted for bad press, but after the site was hacked last July — leading to the leak of 25 gigabytes of company data, including users’ personal info — the brand was in need of a new, more discreet PR strategy. That arrived this week, with the rollout of three new television ads urging aspiring adulterers to “find [their] moment.” And though our extramarital-fantasies-of-choice vary from person to person, there were some noticeable similarities among the brand’s on-screen cheaters:

If women, they are blonde.

They do some of their best brooding while laying awake at night, over food or on transit (preferably old TTC cars).

They don’t shy away from prolonged eye contact with strangers.

Throw in a morose indie soundtrack and watch the illicit sparks fly.

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