Post-Holiday Post

Happy Christmas (or whichever holiday applies) to everyone!  We are in recovery from what was a totally magical Christmas, with a houseful of family, friends, food and general holiday chaos. It was all I wanted for Christmas (okay, that and to be rid of stupid cancer once and for all) and I loved every moment of it.  Wasn’t even slowed down by my second round of gemcitabine on Wednesday —  until I woke up this morning with a sore throat.  Foiled again!  Apparently, while I was celebrating and having a merry old time, my errant white blood cells were dropping like snowflakes.  Oh well, at least I’m fever-free.  And I had such a great day yesterday that the sore throat seems a small price to pay. This too shall pass, and until it does I’m making good use of pajamas, couches, duvets and leftovers.  The art of sloth; I am a master.

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