'The Period Game' is literally about menstruation

Using PMS cards and tampon-shaped pieces, the design students behind the board game hope to teach young teens to "go with the flow."

How did you learn about periods? A stilted conversation with your beaming mother? Your sweaty-palmed dad? The jaded middle-school nurse? Soon, tweens will be able to say, “I learned about menstruation from a board game.” The Period Game was designed by Rhode Island School of Design students Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy, who wanted to demystify the confusing, crampy biological milestone by turning it into a fun Friday night activity. The duo is currently seeking partners to bring the game to the masses.

As in real life, players start by spinning a set of ovaries, which release either a red marble (“Congrats! You got your period!”) or a clear one (“Better luck next time”). While traversing the board, the players will land on spaces dedicated to ovulation and PMS, and pick up cards commanding that they take a hot bath or prepare to deal with a leak. Dibs on the Diva Cup game piece!

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