Killer Bureaucracy?


Yesterday the Premier of Newfoundland-Labrador apologized for his government’s role in the botching of cancer tests.  


I can’t get past the feeling that his government’s failure to communicate about and act quickly to resolve this crisis has undermined our national healthcare system as a whole.  For the record, I’m an advocate of Universal Healthcare, and deeply appreciative of how well ours has worked for me, especially throughout my experience with cancer so far.  But it’s not supposed to break down and fail like it did for those nearly 400 people on the East Coast.


Apparently Premier Danny William’s office gets a lot of memos.  Apparently the failure to respond swiftly to the problem is attributed to communication failure.  Maybe someone out there has more information and can shed some insight on what happened there, because I’m having a hard time with it.  I find the idea that bureaucratic breakdown could have resulted in such negligence slightly more sickening than the concept of laboratory error in the processing of cancer testing.   

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