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Designed to treat ailments with natural substances, homeopathy is used on everything from injuries to emotional disorders.

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine that treats disease using natural substances that when given to a healthy person, produce symptoms similar to the condition for which they are being treated. The idea that “like cures like” called “The Law of Similars” is the foundation of Homeopathic Medicine.

Health benefits Homeopathic remedies are made primarily from plants, but also from animals, minerals and other substances, to treat a variety of conditions, such as injuries, infections, chronic diseases and emotional disorders. The remedies are chosen to stimulate the body’s defence systems to promote healing. For example, slicing an onion produces burning watery eyes and a runny nose and hayfever sufferers with those symptoms have found relief from taking homeopathic Allium cepa, made from red onion, to cure these symptoms, according to the Canadian Society of Homeopaths. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed in the minimum dosage needed to stimulate healing.

Need to know Homeopathy is now a recognized health profession and is newly regulated in Ontario under the Regulated Health Professions Act.

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