Best 10-minute flexibility workout

Four easy exercises to help you improve flexibility and lengthen muscles.

1. Walking caterpillar

1. Walking Caterpillar
Start in plank position. Hold two to five seconds, then walk feet toward hands, raising hips into the air. Pause in an inverted-V position, then walk hands forward and return to plank. Do eight to 10 reps. Perfect your form: Keep your core engaged to protect your lower back.
Dial it down: Try four or five reps.
Amp it up: Alternate lifting legs in the inverted-V position. Return to plank with leg lifted.

2. Lunge and reach

2. Lunge and Reach
Step one leg forward and lower into a deep lunge. Reach opposite arm diagonally over your head and stretch to side. Step back leg forward into a lunge, and repeat on the other side. Do 10 reps per side. Perfect your form: Keep both feet facing forward and knees over middle toes.
Dial it down: Stand in lunge position and perform a static version of the stretch.
Amp it up: Pause in the lunge for a count of 10.

3. Knee hug to quad

3. Knee Hug to Quad
Stand tall and lift right knee up. Hug knee to chest for two seconds. Then grasp right ankle and pull back toward butt. Hold for two seconds and return to standing. Do 10 to 12 reps, alternating legs.
Perfect your form: Keep your chin up and your shoulders back.
Dial it down: Hold onto a stationary object with one hand for balance.
Amp it up: Maintain stretches for five seconds.

4. Active hamstring

4. Active Hamstring
Step into a lunge. Stand and raise back leg straight in front of body, parallel to floor. Link fingers around calf and toes, then flex toes toward you. Hold for two seconds. Alternate legs for 10 to 12 reps.
Perfect your form: Ground standing leg into floor by flexing your quad muscles.
Dial it down: Bend raised leg and clasp just below knee.
Amp it up: Reach chin toward knee and hold the stretch for five seconds.

Calorie-Burning Bonus: Hold a plank for 10 to 30 seconds in between exercises.