Your best excuses for not working out — shot down

Time, money, fatigue — whatever the barrier, here's how to get over it.

fitness plans - excuses

Public Health Canada recommends you get 150 minutes of activity in a week — that’s just over 20 minutes a day. While there a ton of good reasons to help you convince yourself get active, you could probably come up with just as many to persuade yourself to just sleep that extra half hour. Chatelaine consulted an exercise psychology expert Ryan Rhodes from the University of Victoria, to help bust five of those common excuses.

1. I really just hate the gym
You’re not alone. An Ipsos poll from last year shows that 50 percent of Canadian women are intimidated by the gym environment. So ditch it and look for other ways to get your 20 minutes a day.

2. Fancy spin classes and boxing classes are expensive
Agreed. Why not walk outside? Just for 20 minutes in a row – it counts!

3. I’m just too tired
Yeah. Us too. But increasing physical activity will give you more energy in the long term. Start with bite-sized workouts — small goals that can be achieved even on the day after you pull an all-nighter at work. Just be sure to grow them as you build endurance.

4. I just don’t have time
People who work out regularly don’t live in an alternate universe with 26-hour days. Making time means scheduling workouts — and maybe even giving up other activities to fit them in.

5. I have kids, which means my life is insane
Fair. But you don’t have to hit the gym five nights a week — start by aiming for two. And get creative. If you take the kids swimming, get in a few laps yourself. While they’re in dance class or gymnastics, don’t sit outside the door checking your phone. Take a brisk walk around the block.

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