Cocktail calories: Find out how many are in your favourite drinks

Make the right choices when it comes to navigating the holiday bar with this easy-to-print calorie tracker

Alcohol Being Poured Into Glass


Avoid extra pounds by making the best choices when it comes to your drinks!

Mulled wine:106 calories (3.5 oz)

White wine, Sauvignon Blanc: 121 calories (5 oz)

Red wine, Merlot: 127 calories (5 oz)

Bacardi & Coke: 129 calories (6 oz)

Champagne: 156 calories (8 oz)

Vodka & cranberry juice: 227 calories (8 oz)

White Russian: 386 calories (5 oz)

Eggnog (with Southern Comfort): 391 calories (8 oz)