Calorie culprits in your favourite drinks

Think liquids don't count? Here are the top three beverages that can kill your diet

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If you can’t seem to shake those last few pounds, you may be undermining your diet with what’s in your flass, says Katie McCulloch, a registered dietitian in Calgary. “We often forget about calories in drinks because they’re less filling than solid ones.”  Here’s the culprits to look out for:

Speciality coffees These café traps are loaded with fat and sugar. To avoid added calories, try downsizing, choosing low-fat dairy and, if sugary syrups are part of the concoction, asking for it half-sweet. Believe us, you won’t even notice the difference.

Smoothies Fast-food shakes are often disguised as healthy but they can contain up to 600 calories, so moderation is key. Choose snack-sized blends made with 100 percent fruit juice, fruit and plain yogurt (instead of ice cream or sorbet).

Alcohol Booze increases your appetite and reduces your willpower, which is a bad combination. And the calories tally up fast: A five-ounce glass of wine adds about 100 calories to your day, so limit yourself to one drink and enjoy it slowly.