Come Back To Me Brows!

Dear Eyebrows, Since you’ve been gone, I hardly recognize myself.  Oh, sure, with a little effort and the right make-up I can put on a brave face – but it’s just not the same without you.  Where once you used to be – helping me to emphasize my points, communicating my confusion, surprise or displeasure – now there is nothing but a shadow of your former presence.  Listen, I know things weren’t ideal when you left and, yes, you did hang on as long as you could. I really appreciated that.  But now even the hair on my head is starting to come back and I really think its time you thought about doing the same. I’m even willing to forgive you for running off with my lashes like that.  Seriously, do you have any idea how dry and irritated my eyes are without them? Luckily about 8 of them stuck around when the rest disappeared – my last line of defense against dust particles and wind.  As for the rest, I just want them back where they belong (and if possible maybe a little darker and fuller to make up for their absence.) And Brows, I think if you do some soul-searching you’ll realize where you truly belong, too. Please, come back to me.  I promise to do everything in my power to never drive you away again.     Sincerely, Leanne

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