Tim Hortons Released A New Timbit, And — Spoiler Alert — It's Kind Of Great

The Double-Double Timbit hit display trays across the country last week.

Double-Double Timbits and coffee on table

The double-double timbit is part of Tim Hortons new winter menu. Photo, CNW Group/Tim Hortons.

Last week Tim Hortons did something new — something so obvious, it’s surprising no one thought of it earlier: they started selling a double-double-flavoured Timbit. A limited edition winter menu release, the bite-sized treat’s flavour is exactly what it sounds like: the most recognized coffee order across Canada in miniature doughnut form.

As the merits of all Timbit flavours are a highly debated topic (our top 10 ranking of Timbits was divisive, to say the least), we had to find out how the new kid measured up.

How does the Double-Double Timbit taste?

A half-dozen new Timbits, one normal double-double (split six ways), and several sugar rushes later, our team’s opinion was in. Are they good? Yes. Do they taste like a double-double? Sort of. To our taste buds, they’re everything we love about the the Sour Cream Timbit (soft and cakey without being too dry) and the signature Timbit glaze (a paper-thin crystalline sugar coating), but with a sweet coffee finish. And, unsurprisingly, they go rather well with a hot double-double.

What else did we learn? For an office full of people with strong opinions about coffee, there’s a surprising amount of love left over for this piece of classic Canadiana.

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