9 stunning Canadian Instagram accounts to follow right now if you LOVE food

canadian food instaggrammers

Exhausted from trying to keep up with food trends? From charcoal ice cream  to rosé popsicles (and rainbow anything) the food scene is vast from east to west.

Luckily there are some amazing local Instagrammers on the scene to capture it. We’re sharing some of our favourite accounts from across the nation–just hit FOLLOW to discover all the latest craves across Canada.

Location: Toronto.
Acting as one of the most popular food accounts in Toronto and the GTA, TasteToronto is known for keeping Torontonians up to date on both the latest food trends as well as the hottest places to dine. As a bonus, this account also hosts food festivals. If Brunch Fest or Taco Fest is making your ears perk, this is going to be your next go-to account!

Location: Toronto.
Need to impress someone for dinner and not sure where to go? Hangry_foodies has got you covered. Whether you’re feeling adventurous and want to try the latest in ice cream trends (ube ice cream anyone?) or want in on the various pop-up events happening across the city — this account will keep you in the know.

Location: Montreal.
Kerrie is a food consultant and content creator who’s beautiful images will keep you inspired. If you need incentive to get working your own gorgeous food spreads and tasteful stylings, this account is for you.

Location: Calgary.
Want to eat healthy, but aren’t really that motivated? Featuring recipes and colourful pictures that will make you want to eat your veggies, this Calgarian is in line to become your next personal nutritionist.

Location: Winnipeg.
In the mood for cotton candy milkshakes? This account is exactly what you need to track down all the latest and greatest in Winnipeg dining. If you don’t live in The Peg, you’ll wish you did.

Location: Halifax.
Hungry and looking for something good? This account is sinfully delicious, and gorgeously captures the best meals Halifax can offer.

Location: Halifax.
If you’re in the mood for stunning pictures, Jessica’s feed is exactly what you need. This food stylist makes every dish look gorgeous, even a picture of an egg.

Location: Vancouver.
Remember how we mentioned Rosé popsicles? This account is for you if you’re chasing the latest food trends in Vancouver. From trying out the Serpent Pizza (no snakes were harmed in the making) to the juiciest steak in the city, this account will have you drooling!

Location: Vancouver.
Working your way through the Vancouver food scene? This Instagram account not only takes eye candy to another level, it also showcases the diversity in British Columbia’s food paradise.

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