Avocado burger buns are now a thing

And we have officially reached peak avocado.

Colette Dike/Food Deco avocado burger bun

The infamous avocado burger bun. (Photo courtesy of Colette Dike, Food Deco.)

Is there anything avocados can’t do? The super-trendy ingredient has topped epic artisanal toasts and been successfully transformed into ice cream, cupcakes, pasta sauce, and more. And the versatile fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) is also the star of the latest and greatest Instagram food sensation: the avocado burger bun.

First created and shared by Dutch food photographer and blogger Colette Dike, the oh-so-simple, yet bizarrely facinating creation swaps the bun of a burger (or breakfast sandwich or veggie sandwich) with two halves of an avocado, resulting in this beautifully stuffed green orb.

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Enticing esthetics aside, is the avocado bun at all practical? Probs not—though delicious and gloriously nutritious, avocados make a mushy mess. In an interview with Mashable, Dike said she thinks of the dish as more of a stackable salad than a burger in the traditional sense, and suggests going at it with a knife and fork.

If eating low-carb and gluten-free (while documenting it all on social media) sounds right up your alley, then the avocado burger bun is definitely for you.


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