Everything You Need To Know About The New Tim Hortons Loyalty Program

The newly announced loyalty program rewards customers after their seventh visit with a free coffee, tea or baked good.

It’s about time Tim Hortons set up its own rewards program, especially in a country where approximately 15 percent of the population visits the restaurant chain every single day. On March 20, the company announced that customers can now start tracking their purchases to redeem freebies as part of the “Tims Rewards” program.

How do I sign up for Tims Rewards?

You can go in-store and get a reusable physical card, download the Tim Hortons app, or download Tims Rewards to your digital wallet on iPhone or Android.

If you pick up up a physical card, register it online at or through the app—for a limited time, registering will give you an additional free reward on your first purchase of more than $1.50.

What kind of loyalty rewards are there?

Tims Rewards offers users a free baked good, cup of coffee or cup of tea after their seventh visit (seven was NHL legend Tim Horton’s retiring jersey number). On your eighth visit, you can redeem a reward. In the coming months, the app will begin offering personalized mobile offers and discounts.

How do I redeem rewards?

Note that Tims Rewards are counted by visit, not by item purchased, so if you buy a cup of coffee and a baked good, it’s still only one visit on your card.  You must spend at least 50 cents per visit and each visit must be at least 30 minutes apart. (In other words, you can’t just buy seven products in one go and get the eighth for free.)