10 autumn pasta recipes perfect for the season

From dressed up mac ‘n’ cheese, to fresh veggie lasagna and a gluten-free spinach and artichoke pasta, these are our favourite pasta recipes for the fall!


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  1. This site is so frustrating! When you click on the arrow to go to the next recipe, the little flower goes round and round but never gets to the next page. This happens waaay to often on this site.


  2. Yup this site is frustrating!!


  3. you really must improve this particular part of your site. I do not have time to wait 30 seconds for each of 1 – 10 items. Why not picture them all then we can click on the particular ones we are interested in.


  4. Yes, it is also very frustrating that I have to sign on constantly in order to see the articles that Chatelaine emails me every day. Sometimes twice in a month I
    have to go through this because the site tells me that my time has expired. Why send me these articles on fashion, décor, recipes etc. if I need a password to access them?
    I subscribe to the magazine, you send me the email but I have a limited time to view them, furthermore, I can never remember the password so I have to go through the process each time. Very annoying!!


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