14 easy weeknight stir-fry recipes

They’re all fast, simple and full of the good stuff (saucy vegetables, fluffy rice and flavourful garnishes).


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5 comments on “14 easy weeknight stir-fry recipes

  1. Made the Kung Pao Chicken with a little extra sauce and stirred in udon noodles just before serving. My family loved it!! So flavourful; they are already asking for it again!


  2. I find it very hard to comment on any of your recipes, since I cannot access them. They either take for ever to display, or come up as “bad request”. I am quite frustrated with your website.


  3. I am having the same issues as Andrea. I unable to access many of your recipes or articles


  4. I have been experiencing the same problems with recipes, mad deals of the day – really anything the comes in a “gallery” format. I can click and see the first and perhaps second item and then all I get is “bad request” or a swirling corcle that never stops. Very frustrating!!! I contacted Chatelaine and was told “clearing my cache” might help. That doesn’t help because I have no idea what it means.


  5. I found out what “clear the cache” meant, did it and now I can view all the current and previous galleries. I have an Apple desk top if that means anything.


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