17 slow-cooker recipes to get you through winter

When the mercury drops, a little extra help staying warm goes a long way. So fire up the slow cooker, and sit down to hot and cozy meals all winter long.


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  1. it’s annoying to have to login to see recipes. i already subscribevto print pls fix or remove me from distribution list thx


  2. I agree with Susan. I also subscribe to Chatelaine and it is annoying to be blocked. Please fix


  3. The first storm day of 2016 happened yesterday on PEI- my partner, Jim, took the time to make this delicious pulled pork in our slow cooker- we both agreed that it was the best pulled pork we have ever had! Our 17 year old loved it too- he had two huge servings- it is now in our recipe collection- thanks!


  4. I cannot even access the – just get an error message.


  5. I don’t like your new format…….I can’t read this in my email, I click on the link to read online and it’s so frustrating because any article that is set up with numerous pages, ie. 17 best slow-cooker recipes doesn’t work. I can usually see one or two then it appears I’m waiting for them to “upload”? Sorry if this is wrong terminology but I prefer the older format as I can read and enjoy the articles. For your info I use a Mac Book Pro with retina and I have a high speed internet connection.


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