20 of our favourite beet recipes

Beets’ incredible versatility takes them far in the kitchen, and from salads to cupcakes to hummus — there’s no shortage of ways to use them.


Beets 101

How to buy
Choose small to medium-sized beets. The skins may be rough but should be dry. If beets still have their greens attached, trim and save separately. Wrap beets loosely in paper towel and keep in the fridge for up to several weeks.

How to prep
Raw: Peel beets, then cut into sticks for crudités, thinly slice on a mandoline or grate into salads, slaws and baked goods.

Roast: Wrap beets individually in foil, then roast on a baking sheet at 400F for 1 hour. Let cool enough to handle. As you unwrap each beet, use the foil to peel off the skin. Drizzle with extra- virgin olive oil and chopped tarragon or chives for a simple side, or add to salads or sandwiches.

Boil: Peel first, then boil until beets pierce easily with a knife (25 to 45 min). Toss with olive oil, orange zest and salt for a side dish, or add to salads or smoothies.

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